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Corporate sailing events

We organize corporate sailing regattas and events because we believe that on a sailboat it is always possible to achieve the goals of a corporate activity. Out of the comfort zone, transversal skills are enhanced, everyone has fun in a new and exciting way, you can build stress-proof teams, capable of giving effective answers and to act for the company in critical moments. A company meeting, an entertainment or incentive event or a training session become opportunities to highlight the individual together with the group, rewarding each person for the role they have played.

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How many people can say they have taken part in a real regatta? Surprise everyone. It will be just you, your guests, your skipper and the adrenaline of the competition. You will be part of a crew, you will live an unforgettable adventure. Ready to sail?


Design a Team Building on a Sailboat!

The sailing regatta is the perfect metaphor for the company, it is the place where every decisive situation (for the company) can be reproduced, faced and solved through a “learn by doing” process. Enhance individual skills, develop stronger synergies and relationships, build a group with a solid problem solving attitude.


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Involve your top customers or your sales force in a private and classy incentive event, push everyone to give their best in the most adventurous, engaging and safe context. A gratifying test, within everyone’s reach, without distinction, impressive for anyone.

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We love and we are very familiar with the sea, we believe that on a sailboat you can regenerate yourself while at the same time building a cohesive crew. Our strong experience as sailors has taught us that human resources are the most important capital of any company: involve your employees or top clients in your mission, sharing values ​​and common goals, improve the profitability of your business, with our innovative and original formats.

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In Italy and abroad

We organize sailing regattas in Italy and all over the world (more than 40 Italian and foreign locations): wherever your company headquarters are, Milan, Rome, Paris, London, New York, we can organize the event in any location you choose, involving up to 500 people, with boats from 7 to 30 meters, guided by professional skippers, also trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to achieve team wellbeing together with individual empowerment.

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