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Our video gallery of our sailing events,
our organization is proof of any competition!

Can't wait to experience one of our regattas? Watch our videos, the sailing boats navigating among a turn and the operations of the team, observe the expressions of the participants... maybe some are busier than others, but everyone is focused on the goal and happy for what he, she and they are doing.
A sailing experience, even for a single day or a weekend, strengthens the teamwork and changes the perception of yourself, of your own role inside the staff, creating a crew capable of working in complete synergy, even in front of unexpected events that require specific attitude to decision making and problem solving.

Our videos can tell briefly everything we can plan and organize for your brand, from an effective team building to a leisure, incentive or promotional event, up to carefully customized and tailored branding awareness projects.
Each company has its specific characteristics and that’s why we will work together, in perfect synchrony, to design your corporate events, pursuing your coveted goals.
Press play, experience new emotions and contact us for any questions or for a free quote, in 24 hours you will receive a standard quotation, in 72 hours you will receive our project proposal.
Sailing Challenge is your safe harbour for the realization of successful corporate events.

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