Sailing regattas

Why we deeply love sailing and why this regatta will be the best of your corporate events

The sailing regattas are life changing events! Between the rudder, the wind, the hull plowing through the waves, everyone can get the opportunity to discover himself/herself, while establishing positive relationships with the others, inside and outside the company. The scent of the sea, the characteristic atmosphere, the sun and the precious landscape surrounding the boats pushes the mind to go beyond everyday limits, reaching self balance and well-being, thanks also to a closer and deeper contact with nature. During each regatta, on board of a sailing boat, you are yourself, but at the same time you become a part of a more complex structure and network, in which everyone has its own role.

Oliviero Cappuccini

I am the founder and CEO of Sailing Challenge, an adventure started thanks to my passion for sailing. I see the sailing boat as the best way to find gratification, peace, serenity and a little detachment from the daily frenzy.
I have been working for over 35 years in the trade fair, congress and incentive sector; from 1996 to 2004 I was the commercial and exhibition director of BTC International and I personally took part in many national and international sailing competitions on J24.
I am a father of three children, I love the traditional Tuscan food and cuisine, to travel and discover new places, always with great respect for people and nature. I usually practice running, skiing and I enjoy being at the wheel, in the car, almost like at the helm.
In 2009 I realized a new project, with other founding members we gave birth, in fact, to DynamicEvents, a consortium of Italian companies of which I am the President, which offers special services for corporate events.
I am patient and very determined, I like new businesses and experiences, I face them all with great passion, honesty and transparency, characteristics that I have passed on to the whole Sailing Challenge team.

Claudio Ringressi

Project Manager & IT Specialist - Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florence, my greatest passions have always been the sea, the sailboats and the regattas. I love to find myself in deep contact with nature and I definitely adore the possibility to live the moment, in complete respect of nature and with a strong gratification for myself, given by the boat.
I am a sportsman and I like competition, I am a determined person, the people who know me say that I am a person you can count on. I have well-defined values, I’m a dreamer with the aim to contribute to build a different world in which everyone can live in harmony and simplicity. I have a daughter, I live my experience as a "dad" day by day, I am a convinced ecologist and I love to cook traditional dishes, one above all: Gricia.
I like to discover new things and travel, out of my usual comfort zone, to understand different horizons and, perhaps for this reason, at work as in life I often try to find meeting points and mediations. I like to collaborate with others in team in order to achieve excellence.

We founded Sailing Challenge driven by the aim to change people’s perspectives and point of views, both as human beings and as managers or employees of a corporate.

The regatta and the sailing boat are perfect metaphors of corporate life. There are the strategies, the competitors to beat, the goals to be achieved, the roles, the timelines and deadlines to be respected and the dynamics that can help the idea of working together for a common goal, strengthening synergies and creating a solid group, capable to face every difficulties with excellent attitude for decision making and problem solving.

The sailing regatta is the ideal place and medium if you wish to organize successful team building and corporate events.

Sailing Challenge, who we are

We like to experience new adventures every day. Where there is a mast, between the stern and the bow, with the flags and sails waving to the Sirocco or Mistral, there, out of the personal comfort zone, everyone can experiment, learn and work in a team to achieve common goals. We become part of a crew.

We are one of the most experienced crews in the whole panorama, choose Sailing Challenge to organize your corporate and promotional events, trade shows, product kick off, team building or training courses.

Our skippers can speak fluently Italian, English, French, Spanish and German, they are highly selected for their career and reliability. They all participated in numerous training courses, including NLP, in order to be excellent in welcoming and guiding guests who have never been on a sailboat, creating the right atmosphere and feeling. They will guide with empathy and experience all the members of the “new crew”, yours!

Our staff knows how to make unforgettable every events, making guests protagonists and supporting any eventual trainers to achieve the goal.

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