Corporate team building activities

The protagonist is the staff,
the heart of all companies.
Our idea of corporate team building activities

The aim of the corporate team building activities we organize is to build the group, enhancing the skills of everyone while highlighting the idea of working together for the same goal, in synergy, achieving common objectives and increasing the level of mutual trust and integration, letting leadership emerge.

The organizing of a team building on a sailing boat gives the team the possibility to engage in a real competition, the sailing regatta, planned and tested in detail in order to create harmony, develop transversal skills, strengthen communication between employees and to improve the profitability of your business.

Our corporate team building activities enjoy a fascinating setting: the sea and its enticing atmosphere, the perfect place where to exit from your own comfort zone and work together, ready to sail following the wind and the stream. The scents, the pure air, the natural environment, the noises of the water and the foam created by the hull plowing the waves are the perfect setting to rediscover the competitive spirit, together with that of collaboration. On board, synergies are naturally created: in front of the boundless power of the sea waters, everyone feels a little lonely and a little hero, tending to seek out fellow adventurers.

Do you prefer a lake? Any stretch of water can host our nautical team buildings: seas, oceans, lakes (Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore for example), in Italy and anywhere in the world, pursuing the same ideas and aims.

Our team building activities are fun, original, perfect for an outdoor sports weekend. Contact us to achieve higher levels of engagement among your managers or for each employee, reward them with a sailing regatta and start your employer branding strategy.

Take the helm of your company and lead it to new latitudes, let the flag of your brand flutter to the wind, together we will plan and prepare an event with surprising results.

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