Incentive events

Improve the synergy between management and sales force with incentive events.

The sailboat is the best location to host your incentive events: the corporate regattas are the perfect sport events if you’d like to offer an exciting prize to your employees, an award capable of supporting the aim to enhance everyone’s own skills and give the best for all the common goals

What are incentive events?

Incentive events are sometimes misinterpreted as "holidays". Far from it! Corporate incentive events are an incisive way to fully involve your staff or "top" customers, leading them to understand, appreciate and share the company's values, becoming a powerful part in the corporate mechanisms.

With an "incentive" action, you will stimulate sales employees (or another sector of your business) to achieve, within set time limits, the corporate’s marketing or commercial goals, through the awarding of prizes.

Every member of your company can be more productive and happy if encouraged by the rewarding goal of unique experiences: get an effective result giving a gratification to every best employee.

The incentive regattas,
the sailing regatta for events and corporate strategy

he sailing regatta brings together all the necessary features
to develop a complete and excellent corporate “incentive product”, because:

  • it is an exclusive activity
  • it offers a compelling, adventurous and safe context
  • it promotes knowledge among the participants and creates a strong team spirit
  • it is the ideal vehicle to convey any branding message
  • it’s an unforgettable experience
  • it increases the sense of belonging to the brand

Sailing Challenge organizes incentive events throughout Italy and abroad, providing for sailing boats from 7 to 30 meters, for one or more days, planning tailored ideas and solutions following the objectives of the company, also offering the possibility of combining a sailing regatta to an international event such as America's Cup or the new The Ocean Race (formerly Volvo Ocean Race), or alternatively to Formula 1 and MotoGP.

Contact us now and we will immediately start designing your incentive regattas, you will get at your disposal our strategic thinking, our flexibility and skills.
If you desire to organize more articulated campaigns, we can offer our services also in partnership with the main Italian incentive agencies


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