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That's exactly how you would like your corporate events to be defined, isn’t it?
Original, and unforgettable. Like our outdoor corporate events are

Involve your guests in inspiring experiences and unique corporate events, far from the boring meetings and conventions, awaken the desire for adventures and propose an outdoor escape from everyday life with sailing excursions in Italy or around the world. An experience in which each person can make a real difference and which can provides a closer contact with nature, strengthening the sense of belonging to your brand and empowering the creative spirit, encouraging to achieve the common goals. How many people can tell they have taken part in a real sailing regatta?

It’s not about a simple cruise on a sailboat: Sailing Challenge organizes sailing regattas, unique corporate events between the foam and waves of the sea, that can attract, entertain, excite, always involving all guests, of any age, gender or culture. Sailing is captivating and fascinating by its very definition!

Each participant will be part of a crew, guided by a professional skipper also trained in NLP and capable of guiding everyone to carry out their task on board successfully with great satisfaction. Ours is a format tested along more than 20 years of events: it starts with a briefing in the classroom, followed by training to get people in touch with the adrenaline of the competition. In the eyes of your guests you will read the pleasure of acting with success in something they believed to be almost impossible for their skills.

No more gala dinners or the usual events for Easter or Christmas, your new product launch will be an exciting event: we organize sailing regattas throughout Italy and in the world accommodating up to 500 people, providing boats from 7 to 30 meters and programs of one or more days. The boats and regattas can also offer the opportunity to observe the marvellous landscape from unusual and exclusive spots: how about admiring the Carrara Marble Quarries or the Scala dei Turchi from the sea? Imagine discovering the enchanted beauty of Trieste framed by a “carpet” of white sails and sailboats.

The sailing regatta is:

  • an original, unique, exclusive and fascinating experience
  • adrenaline, excitement and enthusiasm
  • escape from routine
  • deep connection with nature
  • informal atmosphere
  • sense of adventure
  • healthy competition
  • strong involvement of the participants
  • opportunity to test yourself by overcoming initial resistances
  • close relationship between teammates
  • an extraordinary way to convey a message
  • adaptable to any type of event

From the boring safe harbor of an exhibition stand, you can lead your company and your customers, guests, partners or employees in an engaging experience. You will sail with your team following the current and learning how to use the wind. Choose the most suggestive location: Portofino, Capri, Taormina, Venice, Rhodes or any Greek island and build an exclusive context for your events. International events (sporting or not), such as MotoGP or Formula 1, can also be excellent opportunities to combine multiple attractions and enhance your brand.

Imagine your company as a boat, sail the waves with its hull and steer the rudder towards new goals.
Write or call us now and together we will plan your original, unique corporate events.

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