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Sailing Challenge is a company specialized in the organization of team building experiences, tailored incentive and leisure events, capable to enhance the potential skills of the human resources of any kind of corporate, with experiential activities and methodologies and one outstanding location: the sailboat.

The sailing regatta is the perfect medium to develop and improve the team dynamics, capable of leading a team to success and satisfaction, providing motivation and developing a stronger spirit of collaboration. For all the newbie onboard it represents a unique adventure, arousing an unbelievable mix of emotions, never experienced before and simply unforgettable.
Read the reviews of our clients, their opinions and sensations, strengthen the performance of your crew, book a memorable entertainment sailing event or a corporate team building and let's start planning your event immediately.

What our customers say about us

Alessandro Borzacca

CEO di Cofidis Italia

Luca Grivet Foiaia

Partner di EY

Silvia Ferrari

Marketing Manager di FRANKE

Maurizio Tortone

Product Manager & Communication di Riello UPS

Vittorio Poggi

Industry Segment Director EMEA di ALIAXIS

Carlotta Ferrari

Presidente di Convention Bureau Italia & Direttrice di Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau

Marco Pratolongo

Director of Sales at Starhotels

Our guests say that the sailing regatta is still today an unforgettable memory and the best experience they've had over the past years.

The format was successful, able to produce ROI (return on investment), a goal that every company looks at when planning an event for clients. It's a win-win because it's a new experience, wonderful for those who love sea and sailing and unique for those who have never sailed before. The staff has a great technical competence and is perfectly able to communicate with all participants. On board, the Sailing Challenge skipper is like another sales rep of your company who takes care of your clients or prospects. A fair investment for an unforgettable experience!

Marina Mirandola Minuzzi

Marketing Manager at Sweden & Martina S.p.A.

There is a huge number of incentive proposals, but none are as exciting and innovative as those proposed by Sailing Challenge. A "human" challenge and a close relationship with staff give the experience a particular unforgettable friendliness; this is not a luxury half-board hotel package! It's a 2-3 hours or 2-day game that can strengthen relations among participants while letting them forget their work environment and pit themselves against each other.

Massimo Vismara

General Manager Italian Market at Franke SpA

I had my first experience with Sailing Challenge in 2018.  I wanted to organize a team-building event and since my passion for sailing was well known within the team, I was asked to organize a “sailing excursion”.  Oliviero’s approach transformed the original idea into a very well-structured event: an enchanting location, boats easily adapted to novices, a super professional and accommodating team.  It was an initiative with clear goals of integration and team reinforcement, fulfilled as well by a culinary event complete with cook-off.  The mini regatta in the gulf of Lerici was simply unforgettable.  Well worth repeating!

Nadia Tansini

Communication Manager at ABB SpA Italy

The ABB event organized by Sailing Challenge was a successful experience! Passion, energy, perfection in organizing the event in all its smallest aspects were at the foundation of this sailing regatta. We really hope to do it again soon.

Alessia Guidotti

President Mediterranean & South-Eastern Europe Executive Personal Assistant at ManpowerGroup

I wanted to thank you for a job well done with us at Loano.  Stefano and our guys were all so enthusiastic about the cooking cup and the boat outing on Friday.  Everyone had such nice things to say about you and how you took care of us.  In the afternoon, Stefano brought up many of the same concepts you shared during the debriefing, so our goal was reached… Thanks to Federico and Carlo as well and, of course, Claudio, for setting everything up.

Sergio Gamba

Managing Director at Seeitalia & Contact

Professional and reliable both during the pre-event phase and during the operating phase. 

Guests were really enthusiastic about the active regatta!

Carolina Santarelli

President at Affresco Events Group

I am writing to thank you first for the invitation and even more for letting me experience something not only fun but educational.

It is nothing new to say that you are a great professional and that dedication, talent and attention are your main characteristics, which you have masterfully extended to your team, but it was fantastic to experience all that first-hand.  Thank you again for everything and speak soon.

Claudia Uberti

Executive Leader at Gattinoni

The feedback is all positive.  Oliviero is very accommodating and precise.  He took care of us from day one.  He came to get us at the port, introduced us to the skippers and left us in their hands.  They were serious, knowledgeable and competitive during the regatta.  They made us feel like a team and have a good time.  A+!

Riccardo Gaggio

Sales Manager Health Division at Perfetti Van Melle Italia

I had the opportunity to organize a very motivating daily activity for our sales force together with Oliviero. A very unique experience like a full-day sailing event, the HD Sailing Cup: a real challenge between 6 boats in front of Lido di Ostia, an exciting experience that turned sales reps into real skippers, grinder and bowmen … When the regatta ended, guests were involved in another unique challenge: the Cooking Cup on board, which turned into Master Chef, another team builder with focus on event goals, role-playing and following rules.

Romana Vona

Trade & Sales Events Lead - Birra Peroni, Asahi Europe Ltd

Thank you again for the wonderful job organizing the event in Naples for our guests and for the amazing collaboration!!

Angelo La Riccia

Director of Sales Marketing at VOIhotels

Hotel Chains Sailing Challenge is an excellent team building format that, through a sailing regatta, allows participants to establish an extraordinary relationship while having fun and training.

Thanks to the skipper's support, a group of strangers become a real team after a full day of training & regatta, while allowing the possibility to create a strong relationship between hotel representative and prospective clients (agencies and companies).

Nathalie Baltus

Marketing & Sales Support at Clearstream Banking

We very much appreciated the quality of the services provided in Rome. Please do not hesitate to give my contacts to your potential customers in the future. I will be very pleased to recommend your services to them!  Thank you!!!

Andrea Petri

Cluster Sales Manager at Italian Hospitality Collection

Of all the event formats I’ve participated in, I think Sailing Challenge is the one that is able to establish the most solid and informal relationships among participants in just 24 hours.  One event is never the same as another due to varying weather conditions and Oliviero’s staff always manages to bring out the best in all of us.  The sailing team building establishes dynamics that are difficult to replicate while skillfully mixing in motivation, competition, leadership and NLP.  ROI guaranteed.

Sabina Cesarano

SH Italia

The clients REALLY enjoyed themselves..they were so happy.. everything went so, so well.  Thank you so much for the wonderful support and let’s hope to hear from each other again soon with slightly more “interesting” requests.

Francesca Berna

Head of loyalty and special projects at ACEA Electrabel

Congratulations, our participants liked the event much more than one of year before … we received several emails with compliments for a most perfect organization … so … MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Margherita Ruggiero

Co-owner & Director of Marketing at Motivation

Getting managers who are used to traveling around the world to be enthusiastic is not so easy. With a sailing regatta we fired up competition and fun for the participants, values they really appreciated in their final evaluation report.

All was exactly what it was supposed to be, thanks to perfect organization - thanks very much to all the staff for its knowledge, competence and support. You are a sure thing!!!

Daniela Lazzarato

Team Leader Operations at CWT Meeting & Events

I want to thank you for the support in organizing that exciting and appealing activity. Your support during the pre-event phase was very important and it was even more important during the operating phase on site. I really hope to work again with you soon!

Stefania Maggi

Corporate communications Director at TIMAC ITALIA Spa

Thank you for your competence and collaboration! All was handled in its smallest aspects and managed with the highest precision. Small details make a difference. Our team was stronger and more tight-knit at the end of the event.

Thanks to Federica for perfect timing and respect… what more do I have to say? See you soon!

Stefano Quaia

HR Professional Development & CSR Director at SAS Institute

Thank you for the organization and support during the whole activity. We want to share with you the enthusiasm of all participants. They have surely highlighted and appreciated your competence in sailing activity management both during the briefing time and during the regatta and post-regatta phases.

Gianni Franco

Tactical Marketing Manager at Monsanto

The second day, thanks to Sailing Challenge, was very tranquil and constructive, not only for our guests (not to be taken for granted), but above all for the guests and our Company.

Therefore, if the intent was to have the opportunity to show Monsanto’s commitment to the development of Fennel in Italy and create a more favorable networking atmosphere with our main clients, I can confirm that the goal was reached in full and it is my pleasure to thank you all for the dedication you showed.

Fabio Albanese

President at Action Brand s.r.l.

It's always a real pleasure to work with the Sailing Challenge team because other than an unquestioned knowledge in sailing events, it offers passion and creativity, a mix that allows it to be unique in its field of activity.

In occasion of a training event for important multinational company employees, organized by Action Brand in Valencia, Sailing Challenge perfectly managed the training moment, which consisted of a sailing regatta as team building. 

The regatta was in the same race area as the America's Cup and Sailing Challenge provided well-equipped boats, trainer skipper, equipment for guests, committee boat, ribs for assistance, maritime authority authorization and everything necessary to ensure a unique and safe experience. A very successful event organized with full collaboration. Sailing Challenge's creativity produces a huge number of original proposals and that means that the team knows very well what partnership with clients and agencies is.  Sailing as training, fun, adventurous moment: this is Sailing Challenge's value from 2001.

Livia Tagliento


The event was a success!! I'm very pleased to confirm that all participants were enthusiastic and that your staff was really appreciated.

Mirka Ritelli

Partner at Theoria

All was perfect, not one criticism, all participants were completely satisfied! I can only express our heartiest congratulations. Additionally, through your niceness, you were able to create from the very beginning the right mood even with those who were a little bit cranky. It was a real pleasure to know you and to work together!

Luca Tevarotto

CEO at Simmetria Immagine e Comunicazione

I confirm that the event was a great success... and the client expressed and reiterated that to us more than once. The team was well harmonized … and we were the first ones in this case who worked on team building... first-person testimonial speakers and actors.

Francesca Berna

Head of loyalty and special projects at Acea Energia Spa

A specialized and careful team, always ready to study together with the client the best solution to reach the event goals. Planning capacity, precision and reliability are values that characterize this team.

A great experience for clients who can't forget the event's emotion!

Michele Gaidano

Director of Sales at Falisia, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Portopiccolo

I had the chance to participate in a past edition while I was in a different role than my current one.  The program is managed in its timing and organization and this certainly facilitates the foundation of relations between Supply and Demand.  The atmosphere that the organizing team creates really aids a balance between professionalism and informality in these relationships.  We’ll have to work on the “real” relationships and post Covid, I am certain that the relational sailing workshops from Sailing Challenge will be the right tool to develop business among operators, given its formula based on interaction, healthiness, and sport “wellness” as a relational adhesive.

Laura Mancini

Managing Director at On Blue Srl

We really thank you for the exciting experience we had during the regatta. Journey was very interesting for me. Regatta organization was simply perfect. All your partners were really kind and professional.

Mauro Zaniboni

President at MZ Congressi

Letizia kept both me and Monica Sellari, my associate and AD who specifically follows Incentive and Convention, up to date.  She spoke often of your professionalism and how “easy” it is to work with you.  Therefore, the compliments are reciprocal.  We hope to work with you again soon.  We will certainly recommend your services to other clients we progressively meet.

Sabrina Corti

Project Manager at The Next World

All was perfect … to be honest, I do not have any suggestions for you! I hope to collaborate again soon!

Guido Franchi

Lombardini Marine

Many congratulations to Oliviero and all his staff for their competence in managing the event; they seem to be experts that work with passion and happiness, that is the most important aspect for success. What I say is shared by all other guests; they got off the boats really enthusiastic! Sailing Challenge managed to transmit a great passion in very little time!

It is seldom that you find passionate experts in this field of activity were everything can be totally speculative.

Luca Maria Pellegrini

Associate Director Mature & Diversified Brands at MSD Italia Srl

I had the opportunity to use Sailing Challenge service last summer to promote a suntan cream production line for which I'm responsible. We organized 2 legs in Tuscany in which we offered people a free skin check on board. During the morning, we offered free samples on the seaside and among the roadsteads with a tender. The experience was surely positive, consumers said it was a very original one!

Giuseppe Lepri

Managing Director at Newtours Venue Italia

My personal experiences and those with my clients were very successful thanks to a winning team up with the times, who takes care of their clients' satisfaction, details not to be undervalued; you are a perfect partner.

Alessandra Antonini

General Management at Groupama Assicurazioni Spa

Thank you once again for the wonderful days we had and hats off for the excellent organization.

Francesca Corradi

Project Manager at CTIdeas

Thank you so much again for the amazing weekend spent together! A really wonderful experience and you are a super professional team!  But I already knew that!

Americo De Sousa

Director at King DMC

Thank you so much and I was very happy to have accepted and participated in your weekend at Scarlino, really a wonderful experience.

Francesca Monteleone

Senior Account at Karisma Communication

The Sailing Challenge team supported us wonderfully during our event.  Knowledgeable, accommodating and reassuring, they rendered our experience very safe but also very fun, respecting the main goal of our regatta.  The idea was to offer a distinct experience.  It was to spend a pleasant weekend at an Italian seaside location in the company of a high-profile Brand.  Our guests experienced the emotion of the regatta, challenging each other over two turns while getting to know each other and solidifying the team to clinch the victory.  The final dinner was very pleasant because the group by that point was well-knit and they participated enthusiastically, especially at the awards ceremony, taken care of by the Sailing Challenge team.  As an agency, I felt the most important part was trying out the regatta and getting to know the team before the event by participating in a free experience that gave me the possibility to live a Sailing Challenge event first-hand.  This allowed me to foresee any critical issues well in advance.

Marco Manieri

CEO at Loveit DMC

Everything went splendidly :) I really wanted to thank you and your team for having the group experience something unforgettable and for the great support and honesty towards us.  I am not kidding when I think this was truly the very first episode of many other adventures to come :)

Benedetta Novelli

Project Manager at ANFITHRION DMC

Our clients gave us very positive feedback regarding their day out on the boat.  Aside from having fun, they were impressed by your courtesy and professionalism.  We hope to collaborate with you again very soon!

Loredana Serra

Marketing Specialist & Event Coordinator at Banca IFIS spa

I would like to thank you all and commend you for the fantastic experience, the welcome, and the perfectly organized event.  Even though our brains were overloaded with all the information, activities and necessities…you managed to create a space in which I will hold this memory dear (and I hope to propose it soon as an internal event)

Liliana Bello

Project Manager at McCANN Complete Medical Group

It was really a pleasure meeting Sailing Challenge along with all the other organizations presented at the workshop.  Thank you again for the opportunity offered to me: professionally productive and, personally, very pleasant and engaging!

Donatella Mucciato

Diesel Systems - Executive Assistant at Robert Bosch GmbH

Now that I am back in the office and, above all, back to “regular” life, I would like to thank you so much for the invitation sent, and that, thanks to your flexibility and understanding, I could accept.  I really liked everything about the event, from the content, the organization, the regatta experience, the top-notch hotels that accommodated us and the mood that was created.  It goes without saying that I hope Bosch can collaborate with Sailing Challenge; I will do everything in my power to promote it.

Anna Corsi

Configuration Manager at Ericsson Spa

A warm thank you for the wonderful occasion that we experienced. And, obviously, kudos to you for the affability, professionalism and openness shown.  Everything was organized marvelously

Angelica Innocenti

Project Manager at Sinergie

The day was impeccable, not one negative thing, only compliments.  Thank you for the support and the invitation.

Tiziana Ragusa

Management Assistant at Aurobindo Pharma Italia

A big thank you to Francesca for her skill in fitting in all our requests and her intelligence in often knowing how to stay one step ahead, her professionalism and kindness, but, above all, for her passion.  A thank you to Irene and all the staff at Spiaggia Romea who took care of the Aurobindo colleagues, pampering them and letting them take in one last breath of summer: it was appreciated by everyone and there were many compliments.  Lastly, a special thank you to all of the Sailing Challenge staff, Oliviero and Claudio.  Thank you for your friendliness, and for exciting us and for having given us a new perspective when looking at and hearing the sea.  We really enjoyed ourselves and it was all because of you.

Letizia Randellini

Incentive & Convention Project Manager at MZ Congressi

As for me, I can only emphasize the same wonderful compliments! Your professionalism and collaboration, but most of all, your helpfulness on site toward the clients were all an important part of the positive outcome of the event! Therefore, along with thanking you again, I can only hope to repeat another wonderful working experience again soon!

Francesca Scirano

Human Resources Generalist at Doxee

I already thanked you in person, but I wanted to tell you that the feedback regarding the event organization were all super positive and for that I thank you most of all.  I really appreciated your professionalism and the advice that you gave me.

Peter Hofmann

Owner of Hofmann Event

There we can say not much. Everything went well, satisfied customers, fun, well maybe you could have done the weather still slightly better.  Thanks again.  I also have to say thanks to the great support of Massimo. We all have worked not only professionally together but also friendly. Thanks to the whole team of Sailing Challenge.

Francesca Rinaldi

Senior Business Assistant at Mastercard

Thank you so much again for the splendid day that you arranged for us on Wednesday! My colleagues were so enthusiastic! One of them would like to purchase one your red shirts with Sailing Challenge written on it. Are they for sale?

Sara Daniele

Director of Business Development at Terraevents

Thank you again for the wonderful and unique opportunity to “sail” under Ponte Vecchio.

Ornella Valli

Account Manager at Gattinoni

I really appreciated the possibility to get back to chatting with our suppliers and colleagues and find the enthusiasm and the desire to work as a team again together with you. It was a great experience, both enriching and a tangible professional opportunity.

Francesca Manzani

Business Manager, Head of Florence Office at AIM Group International

I would like to thank you for the fantastic experience you gave me this weekend! I was blown away, aside from spending a wonderful day in the company our dear friend Alberto from Wide Open, the Firenze Convention Bureau and all the agency and hotelier colleagues, our long-standing partners in adventure, and you. The regatta, even if there was little wind, was a new and captivating experience, as well as the team building on bikes.  I had a lot of fun and I hope there will be more occasions to meet again soon and enjoy more exciting adventures.  The NLP session was also great! Excellent program and, as I already told you, keep me up to date on news about the regatta in Milan and Rome as well as the one next October. Good luck for your future plans and speak soon!

Cécile Beyondas Garmier

Beyond Roma

Thank you so much for your hospitality and the services offered to discover the regatta, the hotel and the Lego Serious Play.  It was such a wonderful event and I congratulate you on the organization and dedication!  I hope to collaborate again soon with you and the sponsors.

Massimo Roncoroni

Owner at Mas Viaggi

I would like to thank you and the whole team for the exquisite hospitality and for the amazing weekend in Venice.

Kudos for your professionalism and kindness!

Ornella Agnolon

Portotravel di Almaviaggi

I’d like to take the chance to thank you again for the splendid experience last week.  I appreciated everything: from the hospitality to the hotel, the regatta and Ilaria’s cleverness in the team building exercise…it was all impeccable.  My client and his wife were also both very excited about everything.  I made some nice and interesting new friends, which may lead to future collaborations.  I hope it will lead to fruitful outcomes and that I can ask you to collaborate again soon.

Pia Kroon

Director of Regional Accounts at Global Cynergies

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic Sunday in Venice!!  I think it was a great success and it was nice to finally try out first-hand the team-building format on a sailboat.

Liliana Fregonese

Marketing Services at BASF Construction Chemicals Italia Spa

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Sunday (and Saturday evening).  Despite my initial hesitation, I have to say Oliviero was right; it was a really fun and unifying experience.  Thank you for insisting.  The team’s professionalism was truly matchless.  I’ve already “advertised” this type of activity in the company… And I really like Ilaria from the HR Studio.  The meeting on Sunday served as a basis for some interesting ideas.

Barbara Longo

Head of Business Development at Gruppo Univers

I really wanted to thank you, on behalf of my colleague Ilaria as well, for the splendid stay we had in Venice.  Our guests really enjoyed themselves as well and that is an important goal.  Your hospitality and professionalism represent a safe backing for us.  I really hope to see you again soon, naturally… on a sailboat!!!

Elisabetta Bardi

Marketing & Communications Manager at Ihimer S.P.A.

Dear Oliviero, Claudio and the whole SAILING CHALLENGE team, after these two unforgettable days, I must thank you sincerely for the excellent organization (logistics perfectly timed to the minute in a “difficult” location like Venice!), location and accommodation in a perfect hotel, team building organized very professionally and uniquely, very interesting relationships built.

Marie Cécile Micault

Event Manager at AXA Assicurazioni

I would like to thank the whole team for the great experience.  I had already received excellent feedback on your company from professionals who had collaborated with you.  The good impression made in the Starhotel Rosa in Milano was confirmed 100%: you are efficient and you impart confidence, expertise and reliability.  As soon as an opportune moment presents itself, I will be very glad to contact you for an event.  In the meantime, be sure that I will speak highly of you elsewhere; you certainly deserve it.

Nina Artemieva

Partner and Operations Manager at Motivation & Events

I would like to thank all of you for great work that you’ve done for this event.  It was really great experience. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about prospect cooperation with Sailing Challenge and what I can propose to my prospect clients. Thank you for an opportunity to meet prospect partners and suppliers and to know a little bit more about Liguria!

Stefania Brambilla

Project Leader at Promoviaggi

Thank you for the fantastic weekend.  It was so pleasant and productive.  It’s so important to see first-hand certain services that you often propose and sell to your clients.  It’s a well organized event and I hope to see you all again soon!  THANK YOU to all the sponsors!!!

Alessandro Stievano

Sales and Marketing Director at Perfetti Van Melle

Thank you for the pleasant time…personally, I had a wonderful day with our guys, you created an excellent atmosphere…good job!

Riccardo Gaggio

Sales Manager Health Division at Perfetti Van Melle Italia S.r.l

I wanted to thank you and the whole Sailing Challenge group for the event we just concluded.  The goals that I set were surely reached in full, I think it was a unique experience, motivating and appreciated by all.  It was a “demanding” day, but really fun as well….

Charles Lellouche

Directeur Associé at Prestige Avenue

I wanted really first to congratulate you for your organisation For all beautifull sites we visited thank to you, For these very fun activities i noticed everyone enjoyed a lot..! I hope really beeing with you agaîn next year. For this moment i know my next customers will adopt this destination half magic half romàntic!! Big big thanks again to you and all your Nice team!! I wanted that you transfert this mail to all tour dream team !!

Lisa Crivellaro

Senior Experience Designer at Mutika Group

Firstly, I thank you again for the warm welcome and your outstanding hospitality! It was a most useful and interesting experience, both to see the activities first-hand and to meet very professional operators as future business contacts.

Teresa Cardinali

Business Development Executive at See Italia & Contact

Thank you again for an intense, but very instructive..and fun, weekend!  Kudos to you and your team on the perfect organization (…including the sun, hahaha), your helpfulness and your professionalism.  Now I must just go and sell many regattas!

Anna Kurtina

MICE manager at Amenite Italia

My suntanned hands and the smile on my face tell me that Scarlino is an event that you organized for partners and clients and it will be stuck in my head for the next 6-7 weeks.  I said it personally and I am happy to say it again: Thank you for the level of the event (the partners, the format, respecting the established program, the charisma of the people who created this meeting).  I am now sure that the project we organize together will be the TOP and, even if I don’t go, I know I am in good hands with the angels from Sailing Challenge.

Cristina Salusso

Airasca Factory Human Resources Manager at SKF Industrie S.p.A.

Some considerations on the Sailing Challenge experience with my team.  One of the main goals was to solidify a team that in the preceding 6 months had gone through many structural changes.  I must say those two days surely “sped up” the process of maturing the whole team, which returned more solid and aware of its potential.  Over the following months, I no longer witnessed someone “dumping” responsibilities on others: the greater awareness of a collective scope which prevails over the individual greatly reduced, as a natural consequence, the practice of “searching for an alibi” with all the negative consequences that has on the atmosphere.  And even though they were fortunately never that evident, some “referential fears”, tied to the hierarchy of some members within the group, disappeared making our meetings much more informal with benefits such as transparency and information flow.

Edi Bucci

Sales & Marketing Consulting for the Hospitality Industry at Letimotiv Marketing

An effective format and well devised with professionalism and authenticity by Oliviero and his team.  The experiences are shared with the buyers, team building on the boat, team building in the meeting room, and other convivial moments, and this facilitates the creation of genuine relationships that promote the development of excellent business opportunities.  Return is ensured both in the short and long term.

Francesca Cerutti

Sales Executive at C-Hotels Firenze, Roma, Milano

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your enthusiasm, organization and professionalism during our three days with Sailing Challenge! It was a fabulous event and a wonderful experience with great contacts.

Ilaria Braga

Sales & Groups Executive at Badrutt's Palace Hotel

Thank you so much for the contact list and for the great experience you let me discover!  My feedback can only be most positive.

Laura Nicolosi

Head of Sales at Reginal Hotels: Hotel Roma Aurelia Antica & Hotel Capannelle

Thank you guys and thank you for the splendid, professional job you do every year!! Say hello to everyone and thank you again to the splendid Sailing Challenge staff and, of course, your “sailors,” without whom it would not be possible to enjoy this magnificent experience!

Nuria Panos

Sales Manager MICE di Barceló

Thanks to you, it was a wonderful experience, and even if a little tiring, VERY POSITIVE!!! I hope to have another opportunity very soon to see you all again… I promise I will do everything I can to make sure that happens!

Dario Indovino

Sales Manager presso Gruppo Una Spa

What can I say… thank you for having given us an emotionally charged weekend! You were all fantastic, there is nothing better than being surrounded by positive people who are enthusiastic about what they do! And you spread that enthusiasm to all of us! Congratulations!

Irene Binaghi

Sales Manager at Exclusive Hotel Collection

It was a wonderful experience that helped me get over the boom trauma and cranial trauma when I was 14 years old (30 years have passed but my nasal septum and forehead still remember it well).  The client contacts we made were excellent as well and the Human Relations team building was really unexpected: Thanks as well to Isabella and Susanna.  Oliviero, you are great for having insisted for years and years: I am so grateful to you.

Claudia Villa

Sales & Mice at Kipriotis Group of hotels

I am taking a moment to THANK YOU and THE WHOLE HCSC TEAM for the amazing experience, the excellent organization and efficiency! Yesterday, I received the list of all the buyers from Claudio and for that I thank you!  As the first time sailing with you, I must say I am satisfied and happy!  The format is totally dynamic, educational and fun.  The one thing maybe for us chains is that it was a tremendous effort with tight timelines…let’s just say very little time to catch our breath…in fact, I was a little tired getting back home :) ..of course, we’re talking about “work” and in any case, if I could, I would do it all over again tomorrow! ;)

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